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Introducing 56 Isles Beer, a brewery on the picturesque Greek island of Paros in the Cyclades.

As a local powerhouse, 56 Isles Beer supplies its craft brews to the nearby islands while also expanding its global reach through exports.

project 56 isles homepage mobile mode

Working on this project was an absolute delight as it allowed me to witness the growth and potential of a budding brand.

I took the opportunity to completely revamp their outdated website, giving it a fresh and modern look that reflects their evolving identity.
One of the key challenges was making the website bilingual, catering to both English and Greek-speaking audiences.

project 56 isles product page desktop mode
project 56 isles product page mobile mode

By seamlessly integrating both languages, I ensured that the brand's story and offerings could be enjoyed by a wider range of beer enthusiasts.

Collaborating with 56 Isles Beer has been a rewarding journey, as it allowed me to breath a new life into their online presence and set the stage for their continued success.

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