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Ciao! My name is Tom, and I'm the founder of Half Space.

I specialise in custom website design that helps small businesses and startups get noticed, no matter where they are.

My approach blends creative vision with practical results, bridging the gap between art and business.

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Here are some samples of what I can do. Do any of these catch your eye?

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Clean design that matches your brand

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Refine your brand with a classy and modern design.

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digital design
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web design
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video production
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Into Animations?


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My tools for building websites

webflow logo

Webflow Developing

Webflow is a website building platform that allows me to create custom websites without the need for coding skills. This means I can create unique, high-quality websites quickly and efficiently, saving you time and money.
Moreover, Webflow is a reliable and trustworthy platform, ensuring that your website is always up and running smoothly.
Additionally, with its user-friendly editor interface, business owners can easily make small edits to their website without the need for a designer every time

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Shopify Integration

By integrating Shopify with your custom Webflow website, you'll have the best of both worlds. Webflow allows me to craft a beautiful and effective website tailored to your business needs, while Shopify provides a reliable and powerful platform to manage your e-shop.
With Shopify, you can handle everything from inventory and payments to shipping and customer management with ease, all without compromising on the stunning design I create on Webflow

Indicative fees - project fees vary depending on individual needs

Static Website

£500 - £1000

Get your brand noticed without breaking the bank


Web design

Web developing

Basic SEO

User Editor


£800 - £1900

Unlock your online sales potential with an online shop


All Static website perks

Shopify integration

Custom shop domain

Custom Work

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What custom work could add:

Video production

Photo editing

Digital content

Advanced SEO

Other services

Web Design

Complete web design and integration solutions

Web Developement
E-Commerce Integration
Digital & Graphic Design

Enhance your marketing with visual creativity

Photo Editing
Video Production
Video Editing
Art for Business Optimisation

Design for effective business results


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