3 locks brewing company

Web design + e-commerce integration (in development)

project 3 locks homepage desktop mode

Introducing 3 Locks Brewing Company, a dynamic and ambitious brewery in the heart of Camden Town, London.

Despite being a recent addition to the brewing scene, 3 Locks has quickly made a name for itself by offering a vibrant and expertly-crafted selection of beers. With a taproom nestled within the arches of Camden Lock, beer enthusiasts can engage themselves in the full flavour experience that 3 Locks has to offer.

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As their web designer, I had the exciting task of capturing the essence of their youthful and vibrant brand.

Drawing inspiration from their artwork, I crafted a visually stunning website that reflects their energy and passion. The use of colourful transitions and captivating sections creates an immersive digital experience that perfectly complements their beers.

project 3 locks taproom desktop mode
project 3 locks taproom mobile mode

In addition to the website, I am also in the process of developing an online shop for 3 Locks Brewing Company. Soon, beer lovers will be able to conveniently order their favorite brews with just a few clicks, bringing the taste of 3 Locks right to their doorstep.

Stay tuned for the launch of their online shop and get ready to embark on a flavourful journey with 3 Locks Brewing Company.

project 3 locks homepage desktop mode
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